Fighting Insomnia part 2. Standing Against Slavery

NOTE TO READER: This blog entry is long, but please have patience and read it all. Also, watch all of the videos as they bring the point across. This is a serious issue and must be spread to bring awareness.
I have used material from The A21 Campaign as it speaks very well for itself*

My words are in this blue font.

For a change I will start with a definition of another word of a disease that causes us to backslide as Christians. We become complacent and sometimes get too comfortable in our own faith that we forget about the other people around us.



1. a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.

When you think about slaves, what comes to mind? How slavery was once upon a time acceptable in America? Something written down in history books that happened in ancient times?

It’s happening now!

We either didn’t know it’s happening or have grown complacent and unaware of our surroundings. Today, we currently have  over 27 million slaves in the world. Who knew? Or better yet, who cares, right?

Last year, I was just as unaware as many of you might be to the human trafficking that is one of the fasting growing and profitable business of our time. People kidnap young women in multiple countries and sell them for sex (prostitution) among other things. I went to a Christian conference (World Mandate)  where I heard a great woman, Christine Caine speak about an organization that fights human trafficking in the world. I will let the A21Campaign speak for itself… Watch the video below to ‘walk in her shoes’.

In her shoes…

The Problem:Human trafficking is an organized criminal industry that affects every nation. While the statistics can seem overwhelming, it is important to remember that every number represents the life of a victim. The A21 Campaign has recognized a significant need in the region of Europe, and is committed to combating this injustice through rescuing one life at a time.

The Solution:

The A21 Campaign is comprised of individuals, organizations, government officials, and people like you who are committed to abolishing injustice in the 21st century. Our goal is four-fold:

§ Preventpeople from being trafficked

§ Protectand support those who have been trafficked

§ Prosecutetraffickers, and strengthen legal responses to trafficking

§ Partnerwith law enforcement, service providers and community members to provide a comprehensive front against trafficking


Here are 21 ways the A21Campaign put together that you may help fight against the slavery:

The battle against human trafficking cannot be fought by one person, but requires all of us to come together as one and stand for justice. Together, we can make a difference.


Grab your stationary and pull out a pen! This simple act is an incredible encouragement to survivors along their journey. But don’t be surprised if it has a great impact on you too.  Try it and see what we are talking about. Click HERE for more information.


Everyday changes can make huge impacts in bringing an end to slavery. By simply altering daily choices and saving money, you can become a partner with us as we bring an end to slavery. Instead of ordering a large coffee, opt for a smaller size and save those pennies!  A few small changes for us can help bring about lasting change for a survivor!


That’s right, we want to be social with social media. Whether through FacebookTwitter,YouTube, or Causes, you can find ways to connect with us for updated information, as well as quickly share information with friends, family, or people you just met. It’s the easiest way spread the word, as well as to stay connected to freedom fighters all over the globe.


No, you don’t have to go back to school or write a term paper to become educated about trafficking. Thankfully there are many ways for you to learn and uncover the ills of modern-day slavery. We’re making this easy for you and including some of our favorite resources! Take some time and get informed.

Recommended Website Resources:

§ The Problem

§ News Room

§ Download the United Nations toolkit to combat trafficking

Recommended Reading Material:

§ The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade – by Victor Malarek

§ Terrify No More: Young Girls Held Captive and the Daring Undercover Operation to Win Their Freedom – by Gary A. Haugen and Gregg Hunter

§ Not For Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade–and How We Can Fight It – by David Batstone.

§ The Road of Lost Innocence – by Somaly Mam

§ Ending Slavery – by Kevin Bales

Recommended movies (for mature audiences only):

§ Nefarious (2011)

§ Human Trafficking (2005)

§ The Jammed (2007)

§ Trade (2007)

§ Taken (2008)

§ Lilya 4-Ever (2002)


All around the globe we have teams of people working hard in the fight against injustice. You can join in and fight alongside teams in the following coutnries:

§ California, United States

§ Thessaloniki, Greece

§ Kiev, Ukraine

§ Sydney, Australia

For more information, visit our internship page and apply today!


Not only can fashion express who you are, but it can also represent what you stand for! In our online store, you can find fashionable attire and accessories to start conversations about human trafficking. Whether it’s a shirt or a wristband, wear it proudly and be ready to let others know why! (Warning: It’s a good idea to complete #4 before you become a billboard.)


Who doesn’t love giving gifts to those in need? This is a great opportunity to for you round up some friends or purchase gifts to women in our care. We’ve seen new clothes to hygiene packs, toothbrushes to hair care come to our facilities and each gift goes directly to women in need. To send items (or gift cards) to Greece or Kiev, click hereand ask about our current needs.


Human trafficking is nothing short of evil, but don’t underestimate the power of prayer.  Whether you opt to pray on the 21st of every month, or the 21st hour of every day, prayer is important! If you would like to obtain a prayer guide, please click here to download or contact us to request a hard copy.


Write a blog about why we should fight human trafficking; paint a picture and display it publicly; use a sports event to raise awareness and funds; write a song or talk about human trafficking at a concert; create a short film and post it on Use what you do best to make a difference!


Being informed about human trafficking in the news prepares you to engage and discuss circumstances that are currently happening. Click here to visit our newsroom, or pickup a newspaper and read about what is happening right now.


Join thousands of students around the world who are locking arms and taking a stand at their school!  Start an awareness group at your local high school or university and get your friends involved in spreading the truth about human trafficking to your community. For more information on A21 abolition groups, or to download abolition resources, click here.


Grab your friends and throw a party! But not just any party—a party with the purpose of informing those closest to you about human slavery. We provide the brochures, the short films, a party-planning guide, and all you have to do is bring your friends! This can be done at any time, but you can join up with thousands around the globe who party with a purpose for our annual KEY2FREE campaign. Click here for more information on hosting an abolition event.


United we stand, divided we fall. Our core values rest upon the collaborative efforts of those in the fight against trafficking. Together we are stronger than when we are separate. So enroll your friends and enlist your classmates in the fight for freedom! Together we can stand against the injustice of slavery – whatever you do, don’t do it alone!


We believe everyone has a voice to be heard. By lobbying your local politician, you can advocate for those without a voice. Often times adjusting laws and policies surrounding the issue of human trafficking can make it easier to identity and convict traffickers in the court of law. For more information on how to inform your elected officials, check

15. FAST ON THE 21st

Fasting is simply as personal reminder throughout the day of your commitment to see breakthrough in injustice. On the 21st of every month, join people all around the world and fast for the work that is being done to fight the injustice of human trafficking.


Many companies are now partnering with nonprofit organizations for seasonal moments of giving back. If you work in the corporate world (or know someone who does), ask if A21 could be considered as part of the contenders for a partnership program, matching funds or a sponsored charity. We all need some corporate friends as many can lend their influence to the fight against trafficking in the corporate world!


We love spreading the word about human trafficking through visual storytelling. The best way to get the word out and gain momentum is by sharing the video with our friends, who will in turn share it with their friends, and their friend’s friends! You can help us spread the word by making our videos go viral. Click here to see our latest videos.


Find out who’s in your area and link up with them! That’s right, there are other people in your area who share your passion in abolishing slavery. Whether it’s a local task force, or a student group that is hosting an event, join them and stand together in the fight for freedom.


It’s been said that you never know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.  Whether it’s literally walking a mile in high heels, or doing something a bit different such as rowing across an ocean, climbing a mountain, cycling across the country, or simply organizing a run for awareness, we want to encourage you that your sweat can make a difference to help stomp out human trafficking!


Human trafficking leaves a footprint. The shoes you buy, the chocolate you eat, the toys you play with might very well have been made by a modern-day slave. But if we don’t buy the products, there will be no demand. Demand no demand! Take this test and see how many slaves work for you:


The truth is that every single one of us is wired to be able to bring a truly unique solution to a very real problem occurring today. This list of 21 things does not end here. In fact, it does not end at all.  The reality is that if you want to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking, you can. If there is still breath in your lungs and a beat in your heart, you have the opportunity to add to this list!

This is powerful stuff. Your sister or friend can be one of these girls. If you’ve seen the movie TAKEN, you saw a glimpse of how human trafficking works. It is 2012, a year to bring change to others around you… a year to come out of your Spiritual Insomnia and make a difference for the Kingdom of God. I encourage you to show your support by buying and wearing A21 t-shirts, bracelets as well as their necklace. My bracelet has gotten some people’s attention and I was able to introduce them to A21Campaign. For A21 Products, visit

In conclusion, I have one more video for you to watch. I pray that it moves you as it has moved me. We simply cannot be Christians and just stand by and let these things happen. God bless you.

By the time you finish reading this entry and watching the videos, 40 humans were trafficked!!! Make a difference. Give them freedom.

*Videos and material used in this entry with permission from


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